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Getting your skills qualified by an Australian body helps to build your career in Australia. RPL Express is here to make your dream comes true by providing assistance to get your skills qualified for RPL  Australia. Our awesomeness relies on our efficiency through effective communication. Our unique combination of fast and quick processing makes us able to work throughout Australia. We are providing RPL services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Tasmania, Perth, and Adelaide.

Our motto is to convert your experience and overseas qualification into an Australian recognised qualification with the help of a reliable leader in RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning). We provide services related to RPL in Carpentry, Childcare, Cookery, Education, Management, Accounting, Engineering, Hairdressing, Beauty Horticulture, Hospitality, Plumbing, Construction, and so on. Get our best assistance to convert your work experience into a degree through RPL Australia.

Why Choose RPL With RPL Express?


Our graduates are working in different fields with RPL certificates. Not only in Academic sectors, but also in trades such as building & construction. Be Australian qualified with us and stay ahead in your career.


RPL Express Australia is working closely with its partner RTOs to help students get qualifications with 100% money back guarantee. That means if you are not eligible for RPL, you don’t have to pay.


We helped many local as well as International students to develop their career through the RPL process. We have been leading the RPL Australia industry for  the last few years.


Our RPL qualifications are  recognised Australia wide.

How are my skills assessed?

Your skills will be assessed against industry standards. This is done by an expert who is highly experienced in RPL Australia. You may be asked to:

  • Perform tasks or jobs
  • Explain how you perform those jobs
  • Provide proof of your work.

A visit to your workplace may be organised so you can showcase your abilities. You may have to give us job descriptions, references or performance appraisals.

The assessor will consider your skills and knowledge and compare them against a suitable qualification.

Previous Study—Credit Transfers

A credit transfer or advanced standing recognizes the study you’ve already done at school, college, TAFE or university. You may be able to have credit from a related earlier course transferred to your current studies.

You should check with your college, TAFE or training organisation before enrolling. You cannot get credit transfers for your full course. You must have certified copies of your certificates, awards or qualifications.
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Reconition of prior language requirements to apply for rpl courses Australia

  1. CV
  2. 100 points ID
  3. Reference letter from workplace
  4. USI number (Create Here)
  5. Related Academic qualifications
  6. Payslips, work roasters, Job agreement
  7. Pictures and videos of you working
  8. Proof of other forms of evidence to show how you are eligible to apply for the qualification, but it may vary qualification to qualification and institute to institute.

A complete guideline can be found here-


* Not all the RPL qualifications are available with us. Please contact us for the available qualifications / Current qualifications.
We have listed information about the courses for your convenience.

RPL in Australia – Just 4 Steps

What Does RPL Australia Do For You: International Student

If you are an International Student and looking to Study, Work & Live in Australia, we can make those dreams into a reality. There are vast opportunities for building a wonderful career and beautiful life in Australia and you may have the potential to achieve it. All you need to know  is the tricks and tips that we help you learn.

RPL qualifications are the same as a qualification based on a classroom study. The difference is, through RPL you may skip some or all of the units associated with a qualification because of your previous experience.

Benefits of RPL Course 

  1. Improve your CV and impress your employer- You can add to these qualifications on your CV to impress your employer and to get your dream job
  2. Apply for a promotion in workplace
  3. Earn More $$$$
  4. Apply for exemption in your further study. In your future study you may apply for advanced standing or exemption for the units you have completed in RPL qualification
  5. Save Time and Money- The process is quick and you can save thousands of dollars
  6. The opportunity to apply for Australian Permanent Residency, The qualification is valid and accepted Australia wide, Therefore you may apply for an Australian visa

We suggest you discuss with your local migration lawyer prior to applying for a qualification with us

  1. The opportunity to apply for Express Entry to Canada permanently. Yes, The qualification is valid to apply for a Canadian visa.

Student’s Opinion

I am more than happy to recommend RPL Express for you if you are struggling to get your dream job. Assess your skills and receive an RPL certificate ASAP. I have received a childcare certificate and got promotion in my workplace. With an excellent service, dedicated team, I believe that you will achieve your certificate which you deserve in just few weeks. Thanks guys!!!

Manisha Sherestha

Couldn’t expect more from an RPL service where employees have that patience to work on your weaknesses (gap training). This would be the best for RPL assessment anyone struggling with their qualifications. Thanks RPLExpress for all your help.


This is the best service I have ever received. Very quick service and trustworthy. They give 100% money back guarantee which I did not believe unless I have withdrawn my application because I was confused whether I will go for RPL service or doing actual course. Later I have decided to get an RPL and received my TAE.

Pham Tien

No words except “ Excellent”

Brenda Benet

What RPL Can Do For You in Australia

benefits of rpl

Fulfil immigration criteria


Be qualified without attending class


Save money


Save time and energy


Quick turn around


Get your dream job or position

Disclaimer- All certificates are natioanlly recognised and are issued by our partner RTOs(referral based) who are responsible for all the documents/evidence gathering as well as final outcome of each qualification applied for our clients. RPL Express is an education support services provider/facilititator/referrer who shares the common business platform with referred RTO partners solely to introduce clients to the RTOs or to our B2Bs(education agents) and each RTO partner or B2B (agents) has full control on how the documents/evidence should be provided as well as final outcome for each qualification we refer. Copyright © 2019 All in Good Hands Pty Ltd-RPL Express - ACN 160746421