FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What Is RPL?

A definition by “Australian skills Quality Authority”-

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is a process that assesses your competency—acquired through formal and informal learning—to determine if you meet the requirements for a unit of study. (https://www.asqa.gov.au/faqs/provider-closures-students/what-rpl )

That means if you have the experience you may apply for a qualification.

What is the RPL process?

Step 1. Free skills check > Step 2. Submission of evidence > Step 3. Review of skills > Step 4. Qualification issued

Is RPL nationally recognised?

Yes, Undoubtedly it is accepted anywhere in Australia.

Can I apply for a license with an RPL qualification?

Yes, We suggest you to contact your licensing authority for more info about trade license.

Can I apply for an Australian visa based on RPL qualification?


Can I apply for a Canadian Visa?


Can I send verified copies of my certificates to WES for Canadian visa?

Yes, RTO-Registered Training Organisation will send a certified copy of your certificates to WES if you required and give permission to send.

You need to let us know about sending your certified copies of certificates prior to applying for an RPL qualification.

What are the available qualifications?

Not all the RPL qualifications are available with us. Please contact us for the available qualifications/ Current qualifications.
We have listed information about the courses for your convenience.